V-Mach Custom Rifles Limited

Specialists in Custom and Performance Products for Air Rifle Tuning


V-Mach Custom Rifles specialises in the design and manufacture of custom, high performance, premium quality products for air rifle tuning.

We offer a dedicated range of tuning products and accessories including self-fit kits.  Our items are designed to suit and enhance the performance of the best quality makes and models of spring powered air rifles, each made to individual specifications.

Our range of products and accessories are available Direct or from one of our Retailers or Fitting Service Providers and include:-

• V-Glide Tuning Kits
• V-Mach Tuning Kits
• V-Mach Mainsprings

• Custom Spring Guide Sets
• V-Mach Hybrid C-Form Piston Seals
• Precision Trigger Blades
• Re-Settable Safety Catches

• Lightweight Custom Cylinders and Gauge Conversions for HW100
• RACE Muzzle Brakes

A V-Mach Tuning Kit helps to maximise efficiency, improve firing sequences, reduce lock-time and eliminate mainspring noise/”twang”, all of which can ultimately aid accuracy.

V-Mach’s air rifle tuning products are suitable for most makes and models including Air Arms, BSA, Diana / RWS, FWB,  Webley and Weihrauch (HW).

V-Mach also offers a range of components and accessories for certain PCP air rifles.


Please also visit www.airgunbuyer.com, the online shop for our main distributor Blackpool Air Rifles, where you will find many of V-Mach's air rifle tuning products in stock.

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Please contact Steve Pope at V-Mach with any Air Rifle / Airgun Tuning, Performance Improvement and Custom Component / Accessory related enquiries for your Air Arms, BSA, Diana / RWS, Webley and Weihrauch (HW) Air Rifles at v-mach@air-rifle-tuning.com

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